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Thainee has some very exciting softcore and hardcore sets coming up soon, so be on the lookout for that. If you’re a fan of the softcore stuff, then definitely check out this gallery of Thainee exposing her pink in her bedroom.

Look at Them Titties

You would think being 4’5 and 72lbs, that you would be flatter than Kitty. BUT, Thainee actually has a decent size rack, I mean you could actually cup them boobs. For her size, they are the perfect! Check out more of Thainee’s perfect boobies below!

Nude Shots

This is one of my favorite Thainee picture sets, the wardrobe and photography here are amazing! Whoever this photographer is deserves a pat on the back. You want to see more softcore photos of Thainee, click the pic below!

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The great thing about the content at Thainee.com is that each set gives you a high quality picture set, a video, and vidcaps. This picture is a vidcap from one of thainee’s videos where you can see her masturbating to pure bliss. Man this girl loves playing with herself. You can see more below.

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Thainee is a sexy cheerleader in this scene, and she does some cheers…on this white guys cock! This is a scorching hot scene that cannot be missed. Just look at how tiny that ass is! Amazing. Click below to see more or head over to thainee.com. Enjoy

Thai Babe Posing Nude

After a hardcore porn gallery, we return to more of the softcore with one of the hottest teens in the world: Thainee! This Thai teen has been tearing up the solo girl market since her debut a little less than a year ago. If you want to see the smallest pussy and tiniest pornstar on earth, then check out the free Thainee gallery below!

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Thainee in Fishnet stockings

If youre a fan of fishnet stockings youre going to love this gallery of Thainee. This is yet another one of Thainee’s exclusive hardcore movie scenes and sweet lord this girl gets better with every scene she does. You can catch the tiniest pornstar in the world suck and fuck cock in high res below!

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Thainee Nude in a Tub

Tiny Thainee is back for more softcore nudes here at the Thainee Blog. This time you can see Thainee posing nude in an outdoor bathrub. After Thainee gets out of the bathtub, she exposes that tiny Thai pussy for everyone to see. Truly an amazing sight. Check out more of Thainee below.

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Thainee Outdoor Nudes

Thainee looking sweet, hot and not very innocent in this picture set from thainee.com. If you’re a fan of outdoor nude photography, then you will like this set. Inside the members area, Thainee has a good number of sets where she is posing naked outdoors and even outdoor hardcore shoots. Check out the free gallery below!

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Thainee Outdoor Nudes

Lovely Thai spinner Thainee poses nude for our pleasure today. Thainee has some outstanding hardcore and photo sets coming up for her site, and with no slowdown in site. This girl really loves to pose and get fucked for the camera. Oh the things i would do to her 72lb body. Check out the free Thainee Porn below!

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Thainee colorful striptease

You ever notice how the colorful sets are always the most pleasing? Mr Chews Asian Beaver has been responsible for this trend lately, as well as Naughty America. They always make sure their porn sets are very vibrant with brighty colors. Well now Thainee is joining the trend, check out the new gallery of her below. Its like an orgasm for your eyes. Check out the tiniest pornstar in the world doing her thing at Thainee.com

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Thainee Playing With Pussy

Tiny Thainee strips and plays with her pussy in this free gallery. Ive been a member of Thainee’s site for quite a while now and im constantly surprised at all the new content that’s being released. It has to be one of the most updated solo girl sites in the Asian Niche. I love it! From softcore to hardcore, the Thai goodness keeps on coming. Enjoy the free gallery below.

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Tiny Nude

Thainee takes a sexy office break in this photo from thainee.com. I live in California, where there are a LOT of Asians ( san diego, bay area, los angeles, etc ) and I have NEVER seen an Asian girl as tiny at Thainee. I don’t know maybe its all the food we have over here, but the skinniest Asian girl ive seen is about 90lbs. Thainee is 72! The girl is petite, but shes still got a decent rack, not like pornstar Kitty whos almost the same size but with no boobs whatsoever. Check out Thainee stripping naked in her office clothes at www.thainee.com

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Thai Teen Thainee

You know I just realized theres a ton of Thai teen websites on the market: Tailynn, Lulu Sex Bomb, Lily Koh, Joon Mali, Noi Kanya and they all have one thing in common..no hardcore! While they are indeed the finest in the solo girl Asian niche, it leaves a bit to be desired. Thainee on the other hand is the only Solo Asian Teen on the market ( that I can think of anyways ) that does hardcore. I think this is why she is arguably the most popular Thai pornstar and model on the planet today. You combine Thainee’s incredibly petite size, stunning gorgeous looks and the fact that she sucks and fucks like a pro and you’ve got a winner! Check out Thainee for more!

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Thainee gets a Facial

Shes 18, weighs less than your tv and can suck you like a Hoover 2000. There was another solo girl site released a few days ago with a girl claiming to be the tiniest, but she was 4′10, 88 lbs. Thainee is 4′8 and 72lbs! Ive been with Asian girls who I thought were extremely petite but theyve got like 30lbs on Thainee lol. Want to see Thainee suck cock and get her tiny face creamed? Check out the pic below!

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Thai Teen Thainee Buck Nekked

The official Thainee blog is back with another hot pic of everyones favorite Thai pornstar. Thainee poses in pearls in this sexy picture, want to see Thainee’s shaved punani? Check out www.thainee.com. And I actually found out today shes 4″8, i actually thought she was 4″10. She is quite possible one of the most petite Asian babes i have ever seen. Damn! Check out Thainee below.

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Thainee Fucked Doggystyle

How ridiculous is this picture..thainee is so tiny that she actually has to get on a chair to get fucked doggystyle. Imagine being with a Asian chick whos so petite you could lift her and fuck her without even breaking a sweat. I love it! To see this thainee porn scene and others, click HERE

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Teen hunger

I pulled some old clothes from my closet to remind myself of how I looked when I was fourteen or fifteen. I think my guy would like the memories of when I was younger and cutesy, while enjoying the perks of a more experienced and dirtier me. I’d call it a win-win situation.

Rubbing against the rubber

It feels a little weird to have this rubber dress on me. On the one hand, it makes me feel hot, but my nipples are so cold I feel they can cut through glass. It’s a good thing my boyfriend will be here any minute to make the temperature feel just right. I can hardly wait!

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A traditional take

What is it that frowns my master’s brow? Please let me take care of you and confort you while submitting to your every whim. Master knows I’m a but a humble servant, honored to give myself to his desires. Your wish is my command.

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On the rocks

In this outdoor set, I felt like relaxing on the rocks that seemed to make a very nice natural jacuzzi. But don’t worry, I wasn’t all alone. My spot was soon to get crowded. Here’s some good nature in motion.

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Fire escape

It’s getting red hot in here, and I’m intentionally blocking the stairway. You’ll have to put out my fire before you get past me. You’d better know how to handle a hose.

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Looking glass looker

“Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the tiniest babe of all?” I hope my vanity doesn’t take the best of me. I’m just rehearsing my poses to make a nice gallery for you guys. How about you check my first draft and tell me what you think? Be honest, be brutal!

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As the sun sets over Thailand

This is why I’m the envy of so many. When was the last time you had the chance to relaz in a jacuzzi while watching the sun set on the horizon, over a beautiful scenary. Or maybe you won’t even look at the Sun, as you’re more interested in what I do, all wet and warming up. Wanna hang out for a while?

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