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Schoolgirls are always a favorite of mine, especially when theyre featured on Asian Suck Dolls. There have been quite a number of slutty Thai school girls featured on this site, but none have the cock sucking ability of this girl Puy. Once you see this girls body you’ll know why, shes so damn skinny i bet the only sustinence she gets is cum. Actually I was with a Thai girl one time who said that she once gave a guy 8 blowjobs in one day and that the only thing she had to eat that day was cum lol. THAT my friends is why men get boners at the thought of Thai girls. Check out Puy below at Asian Suck Dolls.

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Nuk gives some nice tongue action in this scene from the king of Thai blowjob porn Asian Suck Dolls. Nuk I believe only has done one scene for Tony Porno and crew, but it is a memorable one to say the least. Nuk isn’t exactly all that in the face region ( hey im just being honest )…but she more than makes up for it with her raw sucking and fucking skills. This Thai Teen knows how to please a man, and to think you can get her on your next trip to Bangkok. Amazing. Check out all the action inside Asian Suck Dolls

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Check out the newest girl over at Asian Suck Dolls. Her name is Tak and she has got a big Asian Bootie! If you like your girls super petite like Tussinee and Thainee you probably wont be into this girl as much because she is thick! Well not too thick, shes still skinnier than any American girl you’ll meet. Check out Asian Suck Dolls to see this Thai Slut get that butt tapped raw! She ends the scene by doing what Thai girls do best…swallow cum! Enjoy.

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If im on my deathbed in the future, i want these titties to be on the bed with me! Hot damn those bajambos look like they weigh a ton, dont tell me you wouldnt want to motorboat those bad boys! This Thai chicks name is Jenny and you can catch her freaky ass sucking cock and riding pole exclusively inside Asian Suck Dolls

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Joon to be mine

Joon is back! And since you already knew her front, I thought it would be nice to give you an exclusive look on her perfect tight ass. Doesn’t it make you want to spank her? Well, that’s exactly what I did. I tapped that ass right away and accepted no “buts”. It’s not like she had a fighting chance, anyway.

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Kim is great fun. She has a very inviting pussy, a good pair of tits and the most playful tongue this side of Nirvana. The way she wraps the top of my cock with it, it’s just out of this freaking world!

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Throat of the Dragon Lady

Of course I could go on and on about how I met this girl. But there is only one thing I need to say about her: Deep-freaking-throat! I got to enjoy the most intensive blowjob ever from a crazy lady with no gag reflex. That is a story on itself. Now come here and enjoy it.

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Now this girl here has a body you don’t see everyday. Cross your heart and hope to die, I thought she wasn’t even real. And she seemed so innocent in her little girl panties, I felt compelled to defile her in all possible manners. See for yourself!

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This picture is halfway through my story. This gal managed to convince me to play a game of “strip-jenga”. Too bad she didn’t know I mastered this game, among others. It didn’t take long to win her clothes off. And when she was all out of gambling material, she had to switch to a different currency.

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I’m not the kind of guy who looks forward to waking up next to another girl. But my latest catch made me look at the picture from a different perspective. As soon as I woke up, she talked me into having breakfast together. And at a sight like this, I felt I could use a good bite.

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My anime fantasy came true

I’m in no way an “otaku”, but who can say no to a lusting schoolgirl, absolutely bored about her immature friends and eager to experiment with a well endowed foreigner? Let’s see if what they say about the way they scream is true. Kawaii!

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